About Legaleyes Sunglasses Inc.

In 1999 Rowdy got the idea to incorporate awareness for the ridiculous marijuana laws into a high quality pair of sunglasses for a reasonable price. His wife Angela and he went on a quest to find some manufacturers who could do it!

Wrong! No way could they find quality for a reasonable amount!

Oh we can do it all right, but for starters give us a million and a half ($ 1500,000!!!) And we can start! WHAT THE F**K!!!!

After some struggling with inferior products, read “cheap” they were getting frustrated.

Plenty of customers though, everybody was excited!

They came up with a great logo and the “LEAF GUY” was born! Ain't he cool!!!

The logo needed to go on the glasses! No problem! Give us a car full of $100 dollar bills and presto!

Almost at a point of giving up Rowdy met Steve (you know who you are) Steve, a veteran in the field was excited about the idea and brought us in contact with an awesome manufacturer, who was willing and able to meet our needs.

When Theo ( Amsterdam ) came on board who is born and raised in Amsterdam and knew Rowdy and Angela for years and with his connections in the “smoke” capitol of the world

IT WAS ON!!!!!!!

We finally had a quality product at a reasonable price, half of what the “big” guys were charging.

A great warranty, 2 styles to start, awesome colors, check it out.

We will still be the underdog and kinda like it that way, a good product we are proud of, personalized service, and let's not forget a GREAT STATEMENT!!!!

Enjoy your glasses and SPREAD THE WORD!

Do not hesitate to contact us, but please no calls or e-mails where to find the best “smoke” in Las Vegas hihi. No we mean it; we get a lot of it.


- the team at Legaleyes a.k.a. the “misdirected”